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A Safe Place
to Live

Liberty Center strives daily to provide clean, safe, affordable housing to men and women. We embrace and empower people to move out of homelessness and re-enter a community in one of our 4 properties they can call home.


Liberty Center offers 4 properties, 3 of which are HUD subsidized Single Room Occupancy “SRO” units. However, they accept other subsidies such as VASH, Shelter Plus Care, and Section 8 vouchers at certain properties.







The Liberty Center was founded in 1988 by Joan and Robert “Bob” Harris, Sr.


Years before the Center opened Bob had a construction and wood-working business. One day, he was approached by a local minister looking for someone to build church pews. After he completed the pews, Bob was asked to build a church. Following the pews and the church, Bob found himself more and more involved in community driven projects. As he became dedicated to improving and changing lives and the neighborhood, he couldn’t help but notice the increasing number of homeless. So with his construction and wood working skills and deep concern for others, he set out to do something about providing housing for the homeless. With Joan by his side, what started out as a job quickly became their passion.


Our property managers have all been here for many years. They touch lives; they are angels!  They provide guidance and are our residents’ educator and advocate! I strive each day to make this a safe place to live and call home.



Cathy Shine Harris

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